A Little Bit About What I Do

 I do many free programs for children, Adult's, Family's, And Seniors .

I do Cruise Night for the adults that want to pull there old classics out of the garage, and come out for some old time 40’s. 50’s and 60’s fun with music for all ages.

I participate in the Rockford Park Districts Haunted Hayride located at Lockwood Park during the month of October by providing a Buzzer Egg Hunt, and I also do the music and stage show where I hand out prizes for different events. I also help design some of their Halloween props.

I also do the Last Chance For Christmas Program which is done at Washington Park. Check back for the date of this event. This program is for low income families, single parents, and Grandparents raising their Grandchildren. You need to verify your income and the children's age ( ages from 6 months to age 6 years of age ) at the time of the event, to do this please bring your State ID and Guardianship Paperwork.

I do a free Easter program which includes an Easter Egg Hunt, including eggs filled with candy and prizes plus a visit from the Easter Bunny. This project is usually located at Anna Page Park. Please contact me for more information or if you would like to make a donation to this program.